Mount Sinai International

s10投注网址Mount Sinai International, LLC (MSI) is the organization within the Mount Sinai Health System dedicated to advancing the institution’s mission of delivering innovative, high-quality health care around the globe. We develop international collaborations to support the improvement of local health care delivery through long-term, strategic partnerships.

s10投注网址MSI’s key areas of focus include:

  • Health system design and construction
  • Health care delivery management , clinical program development, and best practices
  • Medical quality and safety systems
  • Customized clinical and administrative staff education and training

Mission and Value Proposition to International Partners

s10投注网址MSI transfers knowledge to partner organizations around the world, utilizing the clinical, academic, and managerial expertise of the Mount Sinai Health System. We provide added value through a variety of consulting services, clinical services, and education and training programs.

International Collaboration Model

To develop a successful partnership, MSI and our partner organizations draw up a comprehensive project plan, including objectives, resource commitments, and mutual expectations. As required, our experts may assess the partner organization’s strategy, structure, resources, and baseline performance and advise throughout the process. MSI may grant certain partner organizations the license to use the Mount Sinai brand in a certain manner, but such licensing will be contingent upon the partner organization meeting certain requirements, such as accreditation by an established international agency and implementation, maintenance, and regular assessment of quality and safety programs.

What Sets s10投注网址Apart?

The Mount Sinai Health System is focused on advancing the health care delivery, quality, and safety for all. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our experience in operating a large, quality-oriented, integrated health system for each of our international relationships. We recognize that providing guidance and recommendations is dependent on practical knowledge and having the ability to share tangible, real-world, insights with our partners will help set them apart too.


s10投注网址We are interested in speaking with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding our services.

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